The Liebster Award


It’s been so long since I last blogged. So when I read that soon-to-be-bride May had tagged me for this award, I am pleasantly surprised! Thank you so much, May! I resolved to blog a whole lot more this year, but alas… so much for resolution.  But this award compels me to write, which is nice. It’s so much easier to write when the topic is already provided for you, isn’t it? J Such a lazy bum I am.

Anyway, The Liebster award is great, because bloggers can get to know each other through the fun facts shared., I think people love reading facts about other people and also, not so secretly, we love sharing things about ourselves. I am, therefore I blog, right? Hahaha.

Here are the details of the award:

  1. Posting tentang award ini di blog.
  2. Tag blogger yang kasih award ini, plus link nya donggg (iklan harus jalan terus).
  3. Jawab 11 pertanyaan yang dikasih.
  4. Share 11 fun facts tentang dirinya.
  5. Tag another 11 bloggers biar rantai nya nggak putus.

Without further ado, I present to you (especially you May ;)) 11 fun facts about myself:

  1. I’ve been on a Paleo diet on and off for about 1.5 years now. The past few months I’ve been very disciplined about it. I love Paleo, though I used to despise it, coming from a typical carb-heavy eating pattern. Paleo gives me a lot of energy. Though I can’t lie, the carb craving can be very intense sometimes.
  2. My idea of a fun, relaxing end of the day is laying on my couch with peppermint tea in hand and a good British show on the telly.
  3. I hate yard work. I don’t have green thumbs.
  4. I have phobia of heigt.. My legs start shaking and I get dizzy.
  5. I run, though I actually don’t like the act of running itself. Here’s a prototypical thoughts pattern when I run, “How long have I got left? How long until finish line? Why the F did I do this to myself?”  But every single time, without fail, upon arriving at the finish line, I feel awesome and accomplished.
  6. I love culture. I love learning about different cultures and customs of the world.
  7. I love history and Greek mythology.
  8. My favorite actors are Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. I think they are super sexy, great actors and also very well spoken and well educated. Plus you can never go wrong with a British accent.
  9. I want to travel the whole world someday.
  10. I am an anxious driver.
  11. I consider myself an adventurous eater. I will try everything once. If first impression isn’t good, I’ll give it another go for sure.


And now to answer the questions:

  1. Kapan mulai ngeblog? 2004. My first writings are personal archive now.
  2. Kenapa suka ngeblog? I like writing and jotting down my thoughts.
  3. Paling suka ngeblog tentang apa? Different topics. Mostly personal stuff.
  4. Apa topik favorit yang selalu dibaca diblog orang? Parenting tips, simple recipes, travelogues, history trivia.
  5. Apa yang kegiatan favorit di waktu luang? TV, internet.
  6. Punya mimpi yang pengen di wujudkan dalam waktu dekat? Loose 10 pounds, finish a 10K.
  7. Apa film favorit kamu? I can’t tell you because I have too many. I don’t have a particular favorite. But I do like Wes Anderson’s works.The Darjeeling Limited is his work I love most. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was stunning. (It’s not Wes Anderson though) Trainspotting was my favorite when I was younger. A la folie, pas du tout is a French movie that I like. I recently watched 12 Years a Slave and it was absolutely thought provoking. I told you, I can’t pick. I will say that I gravitate toward historical movies or history inspired movies, period pieces, and quirky indie stuff.
  8. Apakah makna pertemanan itu? The ability to be happy when the other(s) is happy. The selflessness to help and give all when the other(s) needs support.  Knowing that the relationship is not defined by the frequency of physical contact. Security.
  9. Sebutkan 3 orang wanita yang menjadi sumber inspirasi kamu. My mother. My sister. I think Sheryl Sandberg is pretty awesome. Also, Rosa Parks.
  10. Sebutkan 3 hal yang loe paling suka dalam hidup. Exploring new places, being with my loved ones, eating good food.
  11. Seandainya loe hidup hanya 3 bulan kedepan dan boleh melakukan 3 hal, apa pilihan loe? Go back home to Indonesia and spend sometimes with my family. Travel the rest of the world. Give my son and husband lots of hugs and kisses everyday.


Thank you again May, that was fun 🙂 (Also, I am excited that you are so close to your BIG day! Yay!) I won’t tag anyone, mainly because I don’t think many read this space. However, if you are reading, have a blog and have not been tagged for this award,please consider yourself tagged!