Who’s Bubbles ?

After years of trying to explain to unassuming people how to pronounce “Wulan”, I finally gave up and did what one of my old friends told me to do, “Shorten your name to Wu, and make it your nickname. When people ask how you pronouce it, you tell them “Woo!” You know, like WooHoo!”

So, my name is Wulan, but on the daily I go by Wu. Because it’s easier to say for the people here where I live. What can I say, I aim to please.

I’m a nomad soul. Born and raised in the beautiful tropics, currently living in the heartlands of America.

“Bubbles” is a nickname my husband and I gave our son when he was a newborn. His head was so round and he was this chunky little ball of sunshine and we decided that “Bubbles” sounded cute. I mean, bubbles is round and cute, right? Smallbubbles is just well, a pseudonym I came up with. He was a baby and therefore he was small.

Yeah, I know.. not that creative. Hey, I never made claim of being creative. In fact, I am the least creative, least nifty, least crafty, and least artsy. Martha Stewart I am not, though my official title is stay at home mom. I am the clumsy mother of a loud and happy child. I am a ball of neurose. I don’t keep a planner. I welcome life a day at a time.

Please make yourself welcome to the insides of my mind, a mostly cluttered place filled with delusions, neurose, and a journey toward finding my semi permanent happy place. Thanks for coming, and I hope you come back πŸ™‚

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