Ahh, the New Year. Has it been another year? 2013 flew by it feels like.

It seems that there was a surge in my blog views today. Whoever you are in Indonesia, come say hi 🙂 I don’t bite, I promise. Haha. Also it seems I have a reader in Japan who checks up on me quite frequently, despite my dormant blog. Thank you 🙂 Please say hi as well 😀

Well, that surge prompts me to write again. 

I have been slacking again and left my blog dormant for a few months. Why? Nothing new. Writer’s block, lazy, lazy, lazy. Did I say lazy? Yep. There’s so much to write, so much I want to write about. Maybe this year eh? One of my new years resolutions is to write a post a week. Some weeks it may be crap, though, but I’m going to attempt normalcy. 

2013 has been a good year. This year on January I started driving and it’s made all the difference. I can go places now! The public transport in my city is really,quite frankly, shit. If you don’t have a car, it’s hard to go anywhere. Buses are limited to certain parts of the city, they come every 30 minutes (15 during rush hour), and oftentimes are not on time. 

I started working out frequently. I ran a few 5k races. I had a few vertigo attacks (a post about this at a later time), and they were bad enough that I stopped working out for a while.

We made peace with some family members.

Met up (also affectionately known as kopdar) with two blogosphere friends, Rifi, over the summer, and Noni just recently. Both visited St. Louis. They were fun!  Hoping for more kopdars this year.

Made some new friends IRL. Spent my summer swimming with the kiddo, lounging by lakes, watching fireworks, watching free concerts, strolling around festivals. Fall was spent pumpkin picking, leaves racking, going to Halloween events. Winter is always busy, go-go-go and do-do-do. We hosted Thanksgiving this year for 18 people. It was a success, but man the clean up took 2 days! Lots of gatherings and catching up with people. Gift exchanging, cooking lots of food, baking pies and cookies. Putting up Christmas tree. Going to see Christmas lights show.

Our New Years Eve was very low key, as they tend to be for a last few years since we have a kid. By 9 PM Bryan and I are both usually super pooped and if we were watching tv, we would always fall asleep on the sofa. We thought about going to a party at some friends’ house, but the thought of it already exhausted me. December is always incredibly busy. So we chose to stay home and hung out with my brother in law and his girlfriend who came over. We put up some veggie tray and hummus, chips and dips, some cheese and smoked meat and played Texas Hold ‘Em, Cards Against Humanity, and UNO until it was 2:30 in the AM. 

Which was singlehandedly, the wildest thing I’ve done in the past year. Hahaha. Sad, eh? Guess I’m gettin’ old. But that’s okay, I am okay with gettin’ old. 

It was an awesome night, albeit very low key. I really, really enjoy doing low key nights. I can’t remember the last time I went to a pub,must be over the summer. Even then I wanted to leave after an hour or so. As I get older,I prefer dinner parties over going to bars. Too loud, you have to yell to make conversation, you have to pay jacked up price for drinks you can pour at home. 

 I also cut back on drinking. Mainly due to my vertigo situation, but I found that I feel much lighter and healthier with less alcohol. A few weeks ago I had one glass of wine after dinner, and a few hours later I spent about an hour hugging the toilet puking my dinner out (sorry TMI), because of the vertigo attack. Since then I have really been cautious about alcohol. I drink a lot more tea now,peppermint being my favorite. Tea soothes me and it warms me up.

Now, on to topic of the new year.. I guess this brings us to resolutions, eh?

Personally I would like to accept and love myself more, stop comparing my life to others, work out regularly and keep it up all year long, finish one book each month, write a post here each week, paint my nails each Sunday, and try a a new restaurant once a month.

As far as parenting goes, I would like to have more patience, yell less and discuss more, spend more time reading, coloring, baking cookies and running at parks together, do more playdates, speak in Indonesian full-time to kiddo (2 days and still going strong!), and cuddle more.

In the home front I am starting daily,weekly and monthly schedule for chores and the such. My only rezzie in this front is to keep to my schedule and not skip any housework no matter how unmotivated I feel.

In the marriage front I would like to be softer, less volatile and more in tune. Listen more, talk less. 

So, anyway. Happy New Year’s to you! What’s your resolution?

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