Life Recently, Through Pictures (part deux)

Hi, friends!

Back for the second installment of Life Recently, Through Pictures.

Here are some recent happenings in the life of Bubbles:

That’s Baby Bubbles and his friend C. We met at the playground and have been going on playdates ever since. This photo was taken at the zoo, when we took a playdate trip together. Recently we’ve gone on two playdates to the zoo with some friends, and it’s been really fun. For me as I get to hang out with other mamas, and for the kiddos as they get to go bananas together whilst watching monkeys taking naps. That’s always the beauty of warmer weather. Such a luxury for four season dwellers.

A few weekends ago, my girlfriend and I ( and our kiddos ) went on a roadtrip to the lake. It’s sort of a lake-beach, where the kiddos get to play in the sand and water (although the water was murky and there were lots of duck poop, but living in the middle of the country with no coast in sight I suppose we don’t get to be picky about that , huh? 😀 ). Stayed at a cabin for 2 nights. It was a nice respite from the day to day mundane.

The cute little cabin we stayed at. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen  (complete with utensils) and dining area, a little living room. Back deck with a barbeque pit.

The lake-beach. It’s picturesque. Best part? Nobody else was there that day. We got the beach all to ourselves. Feelin’ like a beach owning millionaire for a few hours, not too shabby. 😀

The little dude playing with sand. The kiddos had a blast.


Like a true Midwestern boy, he saw a monster truck and went ballistic. Here he is with his friend M.

CHICAGO! We took a trip out to Chicago a mere few hours after we came back from the Lake. Had to go to the Consulate to make Baby Bubbles’ passport. We picked the most beautiful day to be in Chitown, such a glorious spring weather. Breezy and perfect.

Mr. Bubbles and Baby Bubbles in front of the Adler Planetarium, with Chicago’s skyline as the background. Chicago is my favorite city in this country. Yes, it tops NYC for me.

Some cool looking tunnel inside the Adler Planetarium.

Playing in water fountain. Everytime we see a water fountain no matter where we are (at the mall, sometimes even inside a Chinese buffet!), we always throw a penny there to “make sure we’ll come back again.” Lil’ ole superstitious me. (Maybe someday we’ll get to throw a penny at the fountain at the Piazza Santa Maria in Rome’s Trastevere.. one can surely dream, huh?)

Everytime we’re in Chicago, we always make sure to have some Chicago style hot dog for lunch. Sorry for the un-appetizing photo, folks. Trust me, it’s delicious. 😀

Dinner at Joy Yee in Chinatown. Hotpot for me and Malaysian Pineapple Seafood for Mr. Bubbles.

Baby Bubbles devouring his Mango Milk Tea.

Other than that.. well, my best friend is pregnant. They’ve been trying for a year now, so this is a welcome news! My grandmother is very sick and therefore Baby Bubbles and myself are getting on the metal birdcage and will be home in Indonesia next week. I wish this homecoming (after almost 9 years) were under better circumstances. I wish this weren’t an emergency trip; but life happens. Mr. Bubbles won’t be able to make it (jobs are pesky like that, ya know), so that’s another thing that makes me feel a bit sad and nervous about the whole thing.

But I’m coming home. It’s a strange feeling. It’s been so long. I’m just a bundle of nerves right now. I will be home for the summer… all of 3 months!  (anybody wants to meet up? 🙂 ) It gives me butterflies in my stomach. Cheesy I guess, huh. Thankfully Baby Bubbles’ Indonesian passport will arrive today just in the nick of time (I kept bugging the crap out of the Consulate people. Sampe orangnya inget nama gue loh, saking gue telponin sehari ada kali 5 kali, haha.)

Well, I guess that wraps it up. Adios for now, blogger friends. I will update again with our adventures in Indonesia 🙂

Y’all have a wonderful day 🙂

20 thoughts on “Life Recently, Through Pictures (part deux)

  1. suka banget ama foto yang pertama. cute!! 🙂

    lake nya bagus ya… pengen deh pergi ke lake begitu. tapi sampe sekarang belum pergi2 juga padahal deket sini ada big bear dan arrowhead.

    chicago keren banget ya… kemaren ini nonton film apa ya yang shootingnya di foto lu itu yang ada kayak monumen silver di tengah2 itu… duh kok sekarang diinget2 film apa jadi gak inget… 😛

    • Hihihi makasih mas Arman.

      Iya, lakenya bagus dan quiet banget, ga banyak orang yg dateng. Daerahnya agak2 terpencil gitu, gak ada sinyal sama sekali lho, gue pake T Mobile. Pas lah kalo untuk plug off dari semua social media dan menikmati alam sama2 keluarga/temen2. Atau kalo mau semedi, hihihihih. Sayangnya si lake ini agak2 kotor.

      Iya, Chicago bagus, downtownnya keren banget. Monumen silver suka disebut “The Bean” mas Arman. Ayo jalan2 ke Chicago sekeluarga 😀 Lumayan banyak atraksi bagus utk keluarga, kayak Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier. Zoonya bagus juga kok.

    • Rumah gue di Bogor, Pep. Tapi akan sering ke Jkt sepertinya, karena sodara2 dan temen2 gue banyakan tinggal di Jkt sekarang. Lo dimana, Jogja atau Jakarta? Pengen lihat galeri lo, hehehe. Bener ya kalo mau ketemuan, nanti tak email dikau. 😀

  2. welcome home ya jengg… hihihihi gilingan, hampir 9 taon ga balik ke indo.
    Pasti rasanya campur aduk ya..
    baby bubbles lucu amet siiih.. cini cini maen sama radit.. 😀

  3. Let’s meet up. Will be in Jakarta during summer also! Eh…lo ke Jakarta kan ya pulangnya?
    Kita playdate-playdate an di Jakarta ya booo…kan banyak tuh playground yg lagi ngehits di sana (sayangnya pake bayar…hahahah)
    *belon pernah playdate*

    • Ayo, beneran ya playdate 😀 (I’ll shoot ya an email later ok 😉 ) Baby Bubbles pasti seneng dpt temen main sesama precils kyk Kai & Sami! Kapan lo sampe Jakarta? Rumah gue di Bogor, tp bakal sering ke Jkt, ketemu sodara2 dan temen2 lama secara mrk rata2 tinggal di Jkt. Hahaha iya gue denger2 pleigron Jkt pada bayar, gapapa lah. It’s a great start, mungkin nanti lama2 bisa gratis, hehe.

  4. Yay! Selamat pulang kampung ya..

    Aduh itu foto Chicago bikin dengki! hihihi….maap belum mampir ke STL, kmrn akhirnya ke Kansas City, it’s not STL nor Chicago, but am still very happy!

    • Rif, dirimu pulang kampung ga summer ini? Ayo pulang nyok, biar bisa ketemu 😀 hihihi #nyetanin

      Yay KC! KC bagus bok, gue juga suka. maen ke The Plaza ga Rif? Kalo ke STL kabar2in ya jeng. Kemaren ke Chicago dadakan , cuma sehari aja, sekalian ada perlu.. sekalian jalan2 hihihi. Ngajak si krucil.

      • Sayangnya ga, pas bareng startingnya Fall semester soalnya. Insya Allah kalo taun depan pas lulus bisa mudik.

        Iya. Astagahhh itu The Plaza rame buangettttt. Kmrn sih niatnya cm bawa Marra ke zoo, tp tnyt mampir ke outlet & the plaza juga. hihihihihi. Nanti ya mampir STL, pengeeennnn!!

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