My Favorite Things Right Now, Second Edition

Hola, friends!

It’s only mid week, huh? Can we fast forward the week to Saturday already? Heck, I’ll even take Friday.

I’m back for the second edition of “My Favorite Things, Right Now”. Here are a few things that make my days a little bit sunnier lately:

  • Game of Thrones. This series is the wettest dream of fantasy, medieval history, and drama fans alike. Often  described as “Lord of The Rings meets The Soprano”, this series is one of television’s biggest hits this season. Based on a series of novel called “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, this series tells the tale of seven powerful families all trying to win one powerful throne and in the process we get to see betrayal, revenge, love, lust, war, manslaughter.. and incest. I love that this series is very much un-Machiavellian. It’s not black or white. You’d be hard pressed to find the “antagonist” or the “protagonist”. Everyone is grey. Because much in life is grey, am I right? Things are not always as straightforward as the goodie hero and the baddie villain. And this is exactly what I LOVE about this series and show. Everyone has their own agenda, and everyone tries to pursue their own benefits.  Also, GRRM will kill your favorite character. Fall in love with a character? Better be careful cause you don’t know what’ll happens in the next chapter. This series just gives me life. Pardon the cheesy, but oh dear gods.. it is just that.freaking.good.
  • The Client List. So this is definitely one of those (shameful) guilty pleasures. Short of wine and dancing in your living room to Beyonce, that is. This is soap opera, maybe not the finest of them all, but it does me good. Beautiful eye candies (the dudes in this show are more than just aesthetically pleasing, ladies), story line that’s borderline trashy (desperate housewive got left by her douchenozzle of a husband and was forced to find work…. as a masseuse who does “extras” for her clients, if ya know what I mean). Okay, okay I’ll be honest.. it is not borderline trashy.. it IS trashy.. but a girl needs her telenovela fix, yes? So I’m absolutely not proud that I like this series, but what can I say? My heart wants what my brain shames me for. 🙂  Also, I really would prefer not to attach the poster for this series here, because of its very R-rated nature, hahahaha. If you need to see it for your own eyes, simply google image search The Client List. Just a reminder, Not Safe For Work! 😀
  • Girls. This is HBO’s newest series this season. Often compared to Sex and The City.. but I don’t think they’re of the same type. This is a story of four early twenty somethings trying to make it in NYC– trials, tribulations and all that biznass. The women in this series are of “ordinary beauty”, that is to say, don’t expect them to look like Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie, heavily made up and wearing the prettiest, latest pair of Louboutins money can buy. They look ordinary, just like you and me. Their clothes are cute, yes, but not of dreamlike level. Maybe Zara -cute, or H&M-cute. This is a show that’s earned rave reviews from the critics but not so much from the audience. People have complained of the “lack of diversity” in this show (Four white girls in NYC, what else is new?), cultural insensitivity (the opening scene in the first episode was of the main character Hannah, having argument with her parents who decided to stop funding her after doing so for two years after her graduating college.. in a time of bad economy and people who struggle to make it day to day to pay bills, it just seems really insensitive. It feels a bit like, “look at me I’m all so privileged” and that pushes a lot of buttons for a lot of people). I can understand it, really. I mean I feel almost guilty for finding myself to be attracted to this show. Also, be forewarned: lots of nudity. Like, very uncomfortable nudity.
  • Reading Indonesian foodie blogs. I recently, upon some intensive blog hopping, stumbled upon a sleuth of Indonesian bloggers who blog about nothing else but eating establishments across the country, complete with beautiful photos. This is like going down the rabbit hole for me. Once I start, I just can’t stop. I haven’t been home for 8.5 years and by reading these blogs I feel like I’m catching up on the places I’ve never been to. I mean, gosh! The culinary scene in Indonesia is just so wonderful. I’m also making a list of places I’d like to eat at if the opportunity comes and I get to go home again.. (you can also bet I would gain 20 pounds easy!). My favorites are Jenzcorner and Wanderbites. Also, reading these blogs in a state of hunger is very dangerous. Take caution; eat first. 😛
  • George Orwell’s 1984. A little late to the game (a LOT late, actually, but who’s taking notes?). It is a classic for a reason. An absolute page turner. I’ve always been strangely interested in subjects related to Stalinism, socialism, communism, and the likes (perhaps a result of being married to a laissez-faire Capitalist?). Recently I’ve been reading some books and been watching some documentaries on Netflix about North Korea. This, too, is like going down a rabbit hole. Can’t stop, won’t stop. If you’re interested in reading up about this topic, I’d suggest starting with this book by Barbara Demick, “Nothing to Envy”. As to documentaries, I’d suggest starting with this hour long National Geographic presentation, “Inside North Korea”. Also, if you’re a Hunger Games fan, you’d probably notice the disturbingly striking similarities between life in (fictional) Panem and life in (real) North Korea. 
  • Making plans for Baby Bubbles’ 3rd birthday party in July. Actually, calling it a “party” would be a stretch, seeing as this will only be a small, intimate gathering of our closest friends and family. The number probably won’t even reach 15. But for simplicity’s sake, I’ll just call it party. It’s going to be a barbeque at a local park with a playground that Baby Bubbles really likes (we call it “Spaceship Park”  because there is this jungle gym area in a tower shape resembling space ship). This will keep the kiddos busy and us adults can hang out while barbequing. I’m thinking of procuring a pinata.. but definitely not from big names like Walmart or Party City, because they cost a fortune. Instead I will be going to a Mexican supermarket in our town’s Little Mexico. A bonus point of doing this is that I can hop next door to our favorite Mexican restaurant and do lunch. I know planning a party for July in May is a little early, but I need something to look forward to these days.. lots of stress round these parts, folks.
What are your favorite things right now, friends?

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things Right Now, Second Edition

  1. berhubung gak punya HBO jadi gak nonton game of thrones ama girls.
    kalo client’s list, gua nonton yang film lepasannya dulu. itu lumayan.
    pas udah jadi series, gua nonton first episode nya, tapi kok berasa kurang seru ya, jadi gak nerusin nonton. 😀

    • Lho ternyata mas Arman penonton The Client List juga heheheh.. ceritanya memang agak2 kurang sih.. tapi entah kenapa, tetep aja nonton. Kek nonton grey’s anatomy gituloh mas Arman, walau ga bagus2 amat, tapi teteup nyandu.. hihihihi.

  2. Berhubung gak punya TV kabel, aku cuma bisa bilang: pengen nontooooon! Hahahaha…Percayalah sama favorit-nya Wu deh! Kayaknya Game of Thrones itu menggoda banget!

    Baby Bubbles ultahnya July ya? Little Bee bulan agust loh pas 3 taon! Seumuran banget mereka berdua yak? Mdh2an lancar party-nya ya Wu! ^_^

    • Iya mba May, Game of Thrones bagusss banget beneran deh. (coba nonton di deh mba.. streaming tuh) 😀

      Iya Baby Bubbles ultah Juli.. ealah ternyata seumuran toh! Amin, mudah2an lancar ya mba. Kecil2an banget kok..cuma temen2 terdekat & keluarga. cuma gue lagi pengen ngerencanain sesuatu aja.. hihihi.

  3. Si bubu suka banget Game of Throne.. Gw mah ga demen.. hahahaha.. kadang suka ngintip2 dikit sih kalo dia lagi nonton, tapi ga pernah nontonin bener2 sampe kelar. Ga tau kenapa ga suka aja.. Kalau serial yang lain malah ga pernah denger.. T___T

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