Just like yesterday

Scene : I was laying in bed, not feeling well. Baby Bubbles playing around my bed. He noticed a bottle of Minyak Telon on my nightstand and took it, then came near me. He lifted my shirt and rub the oil to my belly (I do this to him every night after bath).

And then he said, “There, mama. All better.”

I can’t tell you how happy and proud that makes me feel. I almost cried.

My son is such a sweetheart. And he’s growing so fast. What next? He’s bringing his girlfriend over for dinner?

I can’t handle him growing up so fast. It hurts sometimes, if that makes sense. I felt like yesterday was the summer day we took him home from the hospital, sleeping peacefully in his baby carrier. 

Now I understand how my Mama feels when my first boyfriend came to visit our home, back in high school. She had a long talk with him, and she said, “it felt just like yesterday I was cradling her in my arms.”

Oh, the things you’ll understand when you finally become a parent.



6 thoughts on “Just like yesterday

  1. bener banget. banyak hal ya yang dulunya kita gak pernah bisa ngerti kenapa ortu kita begini atau begitu, akhirnya kita sekarang jadi ngerti setelah punya anak sendiri. 😀

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