A good friend’s father has passed away three days ago. We met him just over two months ago, healthy as can be. He always invites us to his farm for bonfire on Halloween. He looked good, talking and chatting away, driving the hayride trucks for all (the hayride is always the highlight of the bonfire). Over the summer, he had us over for barbecues. I vividly remember, his favorite meal is french fries that his wife had to specially bake for him. He is a very picky eater.

He was such a sweet, lovely old man. He treats Baby Bubbles the same way he treats his own grandson.

His wife and him sent me a birthday card this year. The gesture was so sweet, it made me tear up.

You will be greatly missed, Mr. L. Thank you for the sweet memories, it has been a privilege knowing you. May you rest in peace, and your soul be in Heaven.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.





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