Today we had a really good playgroup time with my friend M and her kiddos L and D. The kiddos have so much fun and my ears are still hurting from the intensity of their screaming choir.

But what makes me the utmost happiest is the heart to heart talk we had. M and her husband S have been having marital issues for a while now, even went as far as separation last year. Today is the first time M has been so open to me about her life and her problems, and in return, I did the same. I can’t remember the last time I was so blunt about my life to anyone except my husband.

It was so honest. I feel like today, after knowing each other for 3 years, we became real friends. She’s not just my husband’s friend anymore, she’s not just my husband’s friend’s wife anymore.. today, she becomes my friend.

As it turned out we have shared something very similar in our past. We battled depression. And today we talked about it honestly and openly. If you’ve ever battled depression, you’d know that talking about it is very difficult. It opens wounds, sometimes, reminds you of time and things you’d really like to just simply forget.

Today was huge for me. I am glad I pulled the plug and called her 2 days ago.

Today feels liberating.

(I also got the letter I was expecting in the mail. And I have been emailing with a new friend).

Thank You God.

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