Laid back mama

I’m starting a new playgroup. Starting tomorrow.

My friend L who’s moving to California at the end of the month, is the one who invited me to my previous playgroup. I think I mentioned here how I don’t really click with the mommies of this playgroup, but went anyway because Baby Bubbles could use the children interraction. It’s not that I plainly don’t get along with the other mamas, it’s just now with L being gone soon, and she’s my only link to these ladies, I think it will be super awkward. Maybe I’m shallow? Whatever.

To put it bluntly, I’m not Carol Brady, my friends. I don’t have my shit together, my home is always in some constant state of mess and I’m not one of those mamas that believe in expensive classes or baby yogas to take my kid to. I mean I would LOVE to take my kid to classes and stuff if money were no object, but not the uber pricey Little Gymnastics stuff. And I sure as heck don’t believe in baby freaking yoga. Or paying for that. I think when kids play together they will be kids, they will fight, they will try to get each other’s toys and that is normal. I’m not going to protect my kid everytime he plays with other kids. Someone’s going to be too dominant, someone’s going to steal his toys, and he has to learn to fend for himself. I am also the kind of mom that believes that my kid can do wrong. If he is wrong, I will correct him. If he doesn’t want to share, I will reason with him and tell him to share.

Basically I am a laid back mother. I won’t be the kind of mom that will follow my kid every step he moves during playtime with other kids. I just can’t with this super-protective stuff.

I believe in reading time, playground time, letting kids explore what they like, and I believe in hanging out with other laid back, non-nazi mothers. I don’t sweat it when I go to our friends’ houses and their living room is like a state of chaos. I don’t believe in mamas who compare their children’s EVERY SINGLE progress with other children. And then proceed to make some sort of passive aggressive criticism or “comments” about it. Gosh please. If I need advice I will call my mother, consult my husband, or talk to our peds, thank you very much. Or I will ask my blogger friends, hahaha.

I like hanging out with people who keep it real. I like hanging out with laid back women. Let’s face it, our houses aren’t always going to be pristine, our kids won’t always behave all the goshdarn time.

And that is why I am starting a new playgroup with other mamas who are more like minded as myself. Let the kids play together, let them be kids, let chaos commence.

And most importantly, playgroup should be a good, fun, relaxing time for both the kids and the mamas.

I’m excited for tomorrow. Baby Bubbles is too. He kept asking about tomorrow’s playtime. Hopefully this playgroup will be an exciting time for all!

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