I read this article today.

I won’t mind a pizza parlor employee refer to me as “The Asian Woman”, for example. Or even “azn chick” or something equally nauseating like that. But to deliberately use a derogatory slur ?

Please, this is 2012.

This basic level of courtesy should be expected from customer service. And perhaps if this seems to be an occurring issue, maybe our corporations should think about including “Basic Courtesy” in customer service training. Your customer service is your front liners. They are the first impression of your business, they are your ambassador.

Imagine a foreign ambassador in a country he is stationed at, saying something derogatory about the people of said country.

It will make the ambassador looks like a giant tool and moreover, it will send message that the country he represents is also, a country of tools.

So whoever says “Don’t blame the company, there was no way they would know this employee is racist”, well, think again. Maybe there was no way they would find out because no one would be so forthcoming in their application by writing “HURR DURR I AM A RACIST” , but courtesy, politeness, some semblance of political correctness, should be included in his basic employee training.

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