Happy place

Late summer 2010, at the Botanical Garden.. a thoughtful moment with daddy.

Know what I like to do during these dreary, freezing days of winter?

Looking at summer photos.

Summer is my happy place. Festivals, barbecues, swims. Free concerts, night sitting in patios watching people downtown.

Sundresses, gladiator sandals, aviator sunnies.

Birthdays. Anniversaries.

May this summer be the best to come yet.

4 thoughts on “Happy place

      • haiyaahh gue mah mau bangettts winter suhunya 80 mas Arman. disini suhu segitu cuman summer, terkadang early fall. tapi winter ini kok lumayan ya, nggak semenderita taun lalu, hari ini aja 56 suhu tertingginya! kalo standar disini mah segitu anget (kalo orang LA mah kedinginan kali ye hehehe) global warming kalik ya? hehehehe. either way gue berharap moga2 winter ini nggak brutal deh.

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