Thoughts, in bullet points.

  • Spending New Year’s Eve at a party hosted by husband’s coworker. The non kid-friendly kind. Now to find something properly sequined to wear.
  • Despite our agreement not to give each other Christmas gifts this year, husband went a step ahead of his usual game and bought me The Hunger Games and a jasmine scented candle. (therefore leaving me with serious case of spousal guilt). Both of which please me greatly. The jasmine scent always reminds me of Indonesia. Always. I lit it before bedtime and think happy thoughts. I hope next year I can make it home, if not, the year after. Either way, it’s been long overdue. It would have been 8 years next year, or 9 the year after. I can’t wait for the day I get to tell baby Bubbles, “this is your other home. Always remember, you have two homelands.”
  • The Hunger Games wasn’t as impressive as I thought it’d be. A bit too straightforward and Machiavellian for my taste. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just not too much my cup of tea nowadays. However, the trailer for the upcoming movie is quite amazing.
  • I’m now addicted to Revenge. Only a few months later than the rest of America, as usual. Delicious primetime soap, well, what can I say? I fancy me some drama. 
  • Baby Bubbles’ development is amazing. He begins to form sentences and sing songs. Also, we put those glow in the dark sky objects in his bedroom ceiling and he’s taken it upon himself to assign some objects to family members. I, for example, am given “mama star”. His dad, is given “dawee planet”. (he calls his daddy “dawee”). His grandpa (he calls him “papam”), is given a “papam star”, and his Nenek (my mother), is given a “nenek star”. And he assigns to himself a moon.. “(his name here) moon”. HEART MELTING INTO PUDDLES OF GOO. 
  • .. and that’ll be that. I’m ready to depart 2011 and enter 2012. 

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