…And now for a little splash of positivity.

I feel like nowadays all I wrote about is negativity, depressing things, and matters similar. I’d like to break the cycle today by dumping out some (mostly positive) things from my brain.

~We are having rendang (essentially one of Indonesia’s national dishes), turmeric rice, sweet corn fritters, and steamed veggie salad with peanut sauce dressing for our Christmas Eve dinner. I am so SICK of traditional American holidays spread anyway.. ya know, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans casserole and the such. We’re going to eat them Christmas day anyway (have 2 holiday parties to attend, yay!). I am so excited to have Indonesian food for Christmas eve. After dinner and putting baby Bubbles to bed, I’m still debating whether or not I should attend the midnight Christmas service at the Cathedral. Either that or the morning. I don’t know. My husband might not be down with the idea. But I feel like I need to, I have to, go to mass.

~For Christmas breakfast, we’re having baked french toast, fresh fruit salad, some sausage and mimosas. Booze in the morning? Well, it’s Christmas. I plan on constantly being in a state of “happiness” all throughout the day. 

~We’ll be going to 2 holiday parties with some wonderful families. Very blessed to have been invited. Now I just have to figure out what to bring. I’m thinking a box of truffles for each party host from a famous local chocolatier.

~Remember this? Both of them replied. I am beyond ecstatic, beyond blessed. Now I am on to finding more email address of old friends to get in touch with them again. Did I say I am so happy? Because I am. Christmas miracle, I tell ya!

~Going shopping tonight. That’s always good.

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