Baby steps into adulthood

I’m glad I made it to the playgroup today. Such a short time spent with all these ladies and their children, but it means a lot to my son. It means a lot to me as well. I’m slowly braving myself to come out of my introvert shell a little bit more, to meet more people and open myself up for new friendships. Friendships will only come from an open heart and kindness, a clean, unclouded mind. I am attempting to have those requirements for myself all squared away.

At the holiday dinner we had over the weekend, a friend, M, said that she is going to stay home come new year. Her workplace will be closed permanently at the end of the year and they have decided that it would be wisest and cost effective to have M stay home with their toddler son. I told her, if everything goes well and I’m able to drive, we should do more playdates during the week. The boys are only about 6 months apart and although they don’t seem to be getting along all too well (I suspect because they don’t see each other often), it will be a good idea to have the children hang out and us ladies just chatting and keeping up with each other’s lives. 

You know, having normal friendship.

I also proposed an idea of a monthly dinner club for our closest friends. The idea seemed to garner very warm welcome between the friends. Once a month isn’t too much or too little, it gives just enough time to miss each other and to have plenty of new stories to tell. Also, given the busy schedules all of us have, it will be just wise. Just right. I hope we can stick to our plan.

Just throwing myself out there, trying to conquer my fear of rejection. It can be so debilitating. Frustrating.

So I’m attempting to take control, albeit very slowly. I hope I’m on the right path. My girlfriend wished me luck today as she dropped us off from the playgroup. I’m about to do something I’ve never done before. She said, “you’re doing the right thing.”

I hope so. I really, really hope so.

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