Almost midnight. Drinking cider with spiced rum. Browsing Pinterest. Background noise provided by

Repinning interesting, inspiring things for my own boards. I might or might not be a little giddy.

This is fun. Adulthood sure can suck it (more often than I care to admit), but sometimes.. it’s nice. Adulthood makes me think that this is fun. Simplicity is fun. Hanging out on pinterest is fun. I really treasure that.

Now I just need a new tv series to get addicted to. Thinking of starting Homeland, but for whatever reason, it seems a little meh to me.

Tomorrow brings a long to-do list and I’m exhausted just thinking about it. So instead I’ll continue sipping my cider, looking at more pins, and maybe put some Adele on.

It’s crazy wild over here, you guys.

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