So all my life I’ve always been surrounded by gamers and the gaming culture.

My dad, was (and still is, I believe) an avid video-gamer. He played a whole lot of computer games. My sister played a little bit.

In the past, the guys that I dated seem to possess one similarity : they are all gamers. No exception. Okay, maybe except one. But still. That’s a hefty amount of gamer dudes there.

So you’d think that I’d be a gamer too. It’s only the logical thing to be.

Except that I am not. I never liked video games or really any kind of games. I like some board games. I’m definitely not into the intense gaming culture. Definitely not a game otaku.

If I were a gamer, my life would be so much easier. I’ve always been a nerd, except the one part where I don’t play games. I tried a variety of games over the years to try to get myself into the gaming culture, but all efforts have lead me nowhere. Failed. I just can’t seem to get into gaming.

My husband is a big gamer. When he has time, that is. Nowadays with two jobs and a family, he basically has an hour or two every week for his online game. But I do tell him that it’s alright if he wants to take more time to play games. Because god knows I also want more time to indulge myself in a variety of Food Network cooking competition shows or Travel Channel’s No Reservations and Bizarre Food. If I were a gamer we could play together. That would be a really nice couple thing to do for us.

Our “couple” things to do are pretty standard. We both love good movies, so we do that. Thoughtful tv series. So we do that. We read some good book series. We discuss that. We’re both not into sports, completely. So we don’t do that. We are on the same page, politically (well, almost, anyway) so we tend to discuss those things too. 

But man. If I were a gamer? My life would be heck of a lot easier.

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