In an effort to be more of a social butterfly (yeahright) I just joined two meetup groups in my area. An international transplant group and a local girls’ group. Man, I’d kill to have a few girlfriends I can shoot the shit with over coffee and delicious pastries. Or maybe some nights, over wine and other potent potions. I’d kill to have a few girlfriends I can go thrift shopping with, do play dates with. 

This town I live in, is known for being a stand-offish town. Hard to meet new friends here, unless you’re from here. But I intend to stop my destructive circle of self-pitying and wallowing. I’m gonna fight my fear of rejection issue, throw myself out there and see what comes of it.

And I’m still trying to find the contact info for that girl I met at my friend’s son’s birthday party yesterday. Stacey… if you somehow by the miracle of the gods read this blog, please, please leave me a comment. I’m from the party yesterday, I had the red plaid shirt, the one from Indonesia, and my son is the territorial, grabby one with the green fair-isle sweater that you liked. I like your mustard cardigan and your sequined canvas (so cool) and your striped diaper bag and your son’s red plaid shirt. I love your sense of style, I love your hometown Seattle, and I always wish I live downtown too. And I think we’d get along. Let’s do playdate?

/end crazy rant.

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