Holiday Blues, 2011 Edition

I have the SADs. And around these time of the year, it kicks out like nothin’ else. The holidays stress the ever loving shit out of me. The weather, to start off with. I’m not craycray about the gloomy and the cold. Then there is the matter of Christmas shopping and the budget (or rather, lack thereof). Then there is the matter of getting the house all primped up and ready for the holidays gathering with friends. Then there is the matter of planning up the menu for said gathering and for our own holidays spread. Then there is the uber shallow matter of what the heck will we wear for this year’s annual Christmukkah party at my uncle-in-law’s.

Don’t scream at me, internet, for I am well aware all these are only but the simplest of all worries (see also : first world problems). No, I do not take for granted the fact that I am more than blessed that I can celebrate the holidays comfortably with warmth from our heater, food always on the table, roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and great health. 

I just really, really wish that the holidays isn’t such a big deal the way people here make it out to be.

Please December, go away quickly. I really, really can’t stand you and all these festivities tagging along with you.

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