Homesick like mad.

Making rendang and nasi kuning tomorrow. Eating all the Indonesian food and watching all the Indonesian TV.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to make it home next year. Disappointment is a massive, massive understatement.

Husband is talking about applying to this job in Charleston, SC. Beach and beautiful weather yearlong, I think I can get down with that. Plus, the South. The South!! Fatty addictive delicious food, happy friendly people. The South always feels a little intimidating to me, but something about the houses with wraparound porch and the tradition-respecting locales.. something about those, man. Sometimes even, on the right people, I find the southern twang to be adorable.

Also, sweet tea. Though I heard southern sweet tea is about 90% sugar and 10% tea.

Also, southern bbq.

So I guess this is me convicing myself that if we can’t move abroad after this town, Charleston will do.

Putting up our outdoor X’mas light tomorrow. Maybe venturing to Michael’s to buy some art supplies for my DIY home decor project.

Gosh, I’ve become one of those people. 

Currently watching Bored to Death. There is no words that can sufficiently describe the amount of its epic awesomesauceness. There’s just……….. none.

Bored to Death is just that. Epic.

/end random brain dump.

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