I’m not sure how it happened, but suddenly I have all these desires to do all kinds of DIY projects for home decorating purposes.

It might be pinterest working its magic on me.

We’ve been living here in our first house well over 2 years now and only yesterday I’ve finally put my first photo collage together and have my dad in law hung them for me.

Now I want to put together more collages, buy some old ragged furnie, sand them and paint them myself, amaze myself with its quality of shabby chic-ness, and display it somewhere for myself to mesmerize at. I want to go to Michael’s and buy a bunch of canvases and cover them with colorful retro fabric and put together a collage. I want to spray paint some vases I scored at the thrift store, I want to go to the park and collect some branches then spray paint them the exact same color as the vases and put them together. 

Never in my life have I liked doing craft, but the internet has this ability to convert people into becoming something they never thought they’d be.

That sneaky ol’ thing.

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