Thanksgiving Edition, 2011

I’m thankful for:

  • My husband and my child. Everyday. I get to have a family here, far far away from home. Things may not always be easy, but things are always good. 
  • Our house. The first house we own. It’s spacious, it’s affordable, and the location is just all I could ask for. 
  • My husband’s new jobs and old job. Things happen for our best interest and both those jobs have contributed to our lives in a variety of ways.
  • My son’s developmental progress. It’s beyond amazing.
  • Getting to spend so much time doing so much outdoor activities this summer/fall.
  • Getting to spend some precious time with my Mama and sister this summer after years of separation. I will always remember of this as being the brightest highlight of my life after years, only second to my son’s birth.
  • Simple moments of eating delicious breakfast every morning with my son and my dad in law.
  • Meeting some lovely new friends. 
  • The ability to stop overanalyzing some things. You have no idea how massive of a deal it is for me. Almost life changing (I say almost because I don’t wanna jinx it, haha).
  • Happiness. It’s been a constant struggle throughout life, but now I am able to find it and feel it, and work for it.
  • Self honesty. I am thankful that I am now able to articulate my true feelings. I feel more honest and true to myself. 

Thank you God for all these blessings. I am far from deserving but it amazes me how You just don’t give up. I won’t either, I promise, I will try harder.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey, drink mulled wine and be merry.

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