Food, food, food.

Baby B’s recent favorite lunch meal is PB&J. I have no qualms about this. I served it with some grapes or apples and milk or juice. Pretty standard.

Today I added a slice of smoked turkey into his PB&J. Either he wasn’t hungry (boy hadn’t had much appetite for a while now) or it simply didn’t taste good, he barely touched it.

As for me, I found myself feeling inspired to make my own version of PB&J meets grilled turkey&cheese sammich.

So I spread PB and J to my slices of bread, added turkey and cheese and squirted some sriracha in between the turkey and cheese. Then I melted butter in the pan, and ‘grilled’ the sammich.

It. was. delicious. The combo of the sweet, savory, cheesy, and a little kick from the rooster sauce was just perfect.

Currently I just finished eating mr. Goodbar, raided straight out of Baby B’s Halloween pumpkin basket treat. Don’t worry, I only sometimes stole it. Only when the craving for candies calls (which isn’t that often, if ever). And I’m about to get myself a cup of raspberry yoghurt.

Also, tomorrow we might be going to an Indian buffet for dinner. I have been craving Indian food something fierce.

Winter hasn’t even begun yet and my appetite has spiked like mad. Time to hit the gym again.

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