So, today, my head is a really, really messy place. It is worse than the worst episode of Buried Alive, if I may be so dramatic. I don’t really want to go into details because well, I fear it’s going to make me sound abundantly petty. It really is nothing horrible per se, this is one of those situation in which “it only has meaning if you give it meaning” school of thought applies.

So, vague post is vague. Anyway.

It is now 3:12 PM. And I have, in front of me, a cup of hot gin toddy. It is a recipe I tweaked myself because as I was searching my booze pantry I realize that we don’t have whiskey, rum, or brandy. I found Amaretto, some Coffee Liquor (both were purchased for baking purpose) and the Seamus Gin in Lime flavor. Not my best purchase, but I digress. Our days of heavy liquor consumption have long been gone, we traded them with wine and beer instead. 

As I first sipped it I thought it tasted really good. But then as I sipped it again for the n-th times I began to notice that the flavor bears a striking resemblance to that of…..

cough syrup.

Yeah. So I put a tbsp of honey in the bottom of the cup, an ounce of said Seamus lime gin (this, I suspect, contributes majorly to the cough syrup-esque flavor), and pour hot water and steep my Gyokuro Imperial green tea on it for about a minute (this green tea only needs 45 seconds to steep). I tasted it. Really strong gin-lime flavor. I thought cinnamon was gonna solve it, so I put a stick of cinnamon and 2 little pinch of ground cinnamon. Tasted it, still felt like it’s lacking something. Added a pinch of nutmeg. Same effect. Finally I added a tiny pinch of cloves and that was when I thought it tasted delicious.

Far be it from me to waste any food or beverage, so I will finish this cough syrup. After that maybe I’ll just make myself a cup of hot cocoa with an ounce of amaretto added to it for that kick.

Or perhaps just heat a cup of wine on the stove from that big vat of homemade wine my husband made for me (wasn’t a great first try, unfortunately, but as I said, I don’t like to waste food or drink – especially when booze is involved), spiced it up with some cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and have myself some mulled wine.

Yeah… I think mulled wine sounds like it.

I’ll take wine over hard liquor any day now. I’ll still have brandy, of course.

Only when it’s part of my poached pear dessert that is.

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