Made this for dinner tonight. I ate 3 bowls. Nope, not embarrassed. Not sorry either. It’s that good. I substituted salsa for the diced tomatoes since I had none at home and didn’t feel like going to the store. (I used to get really particular when looking at a recipe and decide that I really want to make it today but there is this one ingredient I don’t have. I’d go to the store everytime. But then sometimes this year, I had this epiphany that well, as a cook I must learn to be creative. What is cooking if not the art of invention and substitution? Pardon the cheesy.)

Big hit with B and Baby B. Best part? It’s one of those Throw Stuff In The Slow Cooker And Forget About It For The Next 8 Hours recipe. In other words, best result for minimal effort. 

I can never have too much of that in my lifetime.

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