I’m (sort of) drunkity drunk.

Baby B is off at his grands to spend the weekend over there. B had to work late today and didn’t get home until about 10. So I had a few hours completely to myself. 

I thought I was gonna dick around Polyvore answering questions on their ask section. But that didn’t happen. Sitting around on the sofa munching on chips and sipping my white while watching lovely Palestinian and Israeli movies is much, much better.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna spend the day at a coffee shop and finish reading GRRM’s A Storm of Swords. Or maybe I’ll just get the coffee to go and lay around in the park while reading. Maybe stroll around the mall to check out H&M. And eat crappy (but oh so desirable) food court bento lunch.

The possibilities.

Maybe I can convince B that we might just need a night at a B&B…

we’ll see about that.

Off for another serving of that Vidal Blanc. All with Katy Perry blazing.

Yep. Keepin’ it classy over here, folks.

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