I don’t..

see what the enormous deal is with Valentine’s day. For this “valentine’s day” celebration I’m making Japanese curry rice (a faithful ol’ favorite of our family) and cheesecake tiramisu. For everyone. For me, him, Baby Bubbles, and my father in law. That’s how we’ll celebrate valentine’s day. No dates or special gifts or anything. I asked B if there’s anything he’d prefer to eat in honor of valentine’s day (or “love day”, as my middle school friends and I used to call it back then) and he said nothing really and that it’s all up to me.

For Christmas we have decided that last Christmas would be the final Christmas we both gift each other. From now on, we won’t do the gift giving tradition any longer. We’ll still do it for his family, because that’s their tradition and we are going to respect it. But as for our own family, there’ll be no more of that. We decide to focus on saving so that our eventual goal of moving abroad within the span of three to five years can be reached in its expected time.

We decide to cut on unnecessary expense. Our netflix subscription is down to the very minimum. I told him we can cut my cellphone from our plan as well, because I don’t really need it. Most of my communication needs can be done online. But since my cell plan only costs something like five bucks per month, he says it’s alright and we can keep it just in case. 

We are keeping our energy bill down by using power/gas only as needed. Our home thermometer is never set above 65. It gets freezing on the coldest days of winter but we all learn to bundle up. After a while, we get acclimated to it.

Right now I’m doing some research and reading on how to cut our grocery bill. I think we’ve been doing well, but can do better. Much better. So I’m gonna come up with a written plan.

Times are tough. But some days when it gets a bit more unbearable than others, I think of the day we finally get to step foot in our new home country, and then I’d feel like I can do some more.

Happy Valentine’s day.

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