I have to quiet down my mind from overdrive. It’s been on overdrive all night long I couldn’t sleep. Only got to catch an hour or so, and each time I’ve awaken to even the quietest sound. I feel anxious; this feels like a break down, or an anxiety attack. I should’ve gone with my better judgement yesterday, not against it – because now I’m suffering the consequence. I don’t know how long this attack will remain, usually it fades after a day or two, but this one feels like nothing I’ve had before. It’s so intense I feel the constant need to be distracted; each and every second. 

I hate it when I’m in this dark place. I gotta find my way out, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get lucky anytime soon. Seems like I’ll be stuck here for quite sometime. Two days if I’m lucky.. but at this rate this looks more like a week.

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