Remember the mandatory family meeting I mentioned a while back? It took place over the weekend. My MIL has been diagnosed with a disease (I am not very particular to sharing extreme details of personal stuff here on the ‘webs. Even if I’m the only person reading this blog). I’ll just say it’s lethal and the doctor foresees some serious nerve damage happening in the soon(ish) future. She might loose control over some basic body functions.

Her husband (B’s stepfather) has been diagnosed with another lethal disease. They have several children under 18. 

So, yeah. That’s the news. And we’re taking her out on a weekend getaway in the spring. Want to make great memories while we’re still able to. 

Also, on a completely unrelated note, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend really pisses me off. She’s just …. a highly unintelligent person of biblical proportion. I didn’t even see the point of her attending our family meeting. My inlaws hate her but are too nice and reserved to tell my brother in law that they hate her guts.

Enough rant, back to work. Gotta have this kitchen floor cleaned. Been filthy for days now. 

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