mmmmm carb.

My dinner was fettucine with ham and onion in a tomato cream sauce. With butter, too, of course. Took me a mere 15 minutes to whip up. I was getting fucking tired of the Christmas spread.. the ham, the spinach casserole, the sweet potatoes and the potato gratin. I asked B to run to the store and got me some ramen (I wanted to eat ramen because we got these absolutely gorgeous ramen bowls for christmas. Yep, that was the reason, and also, let’s face it, I’m Asian and as such I’m supposed to be a ramen fanatic, LOL). But alas, he refused. He doesn’t believe in instant ramen and avoids them like the plague, LOL. 

So I had to make do. And I remember reading Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog a while back. Specifically this post. I happen to have all the ingredients needed, so I decided to make this. And really, not very many things make a dish better than the addition of onion and ham. So.

Now my stomach’s aching a little. I haven’t had so much to eat, so late, in a while. It’s worth it though.

Now I’m admiring Masaki Okada while getting tipsy on brandy.


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