Listening to Stacie Orrico’s Stuck and Jojo’s Get Out and I am transported to my freshman year of college. Yes yes, I listen to bad music. It’s fine. I’m okay with it.

To those cold nights in the subway with friends trying to find an under 21 club. Messing around with boys after fun games of truth or dares. I seemed to have a thing for Indian boys back then (cute and smart, perfectly irresistible. Prime example : Dev Patel. Only they didn’t have Dev’s killer Brit accent or I would’ve gone for more than just messing around, obvi. LOL. Yes, I’m shallow so kill me already.)

To those fun summer days working my first job ever organizing books at the library. And the cute Lebanese guy I had a massive crush on. Potluck parties, showcasing my then-limited cooking skill. 

To those apartment parties and Fat Joe’s Lean Back (seemed to be the it song back then). Late night dining at Denny’s or Steak ‘n Shake. 

Sometimes it’s fun to remember youth. It gives me a whole new appreciation of the life I’m living. Now I’m off to bed by 9:30 and my idea of fun is a cup of hot chamomile tea and any Japanese movie starring Masaki Okada. 

And the great thing is, I won’t have it any other way. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be in a long queue in front of the club with miniskirt in this freezing inhumane weather anyway.

But did I regret my wild days? Nope. Not a single time. Would I do it again if I were to turn 18 once more? Absolutely.

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