One essential element in the making of Bubbles’ Perfect Monday Morning : a hearty breakfast.

Some mornings call for a simple bowl of cereal. But more often than not, I find myself craving for a plate of hearty breakfast. This morning was no exception. Omelette, pork patty with melted cheese (yes, I do realize its unhealthiness. But in my defense, breakfast is the one meal of the day in which you are allowed to be a glutton. Amirite?), and my most favorite pickled food ever, kimchi. And of course, my morning cup of vanilla chai.

So great my love for kimchi, oh dear Internet, that I find only few things immiscible with its flavor of garlicky deliciousness; and those few things are typically sweet-flavored food. (I can’t understand the allure of kimchi topped with vanilla ice-cream). Other than that, bring it on. Kimchi toast with melted mozzarella? TDF. Curry with kimchi? Yes, please. Toasted ravioli with kimchi filling? OMG. Pizza with kimchi? Crazy good. Oyakodon or gyudon with kimchi? Hmmmm. Takoyaki with kimchi filling? I can eat dozens of those in one sitting.

Other essential element in the making of my Perfect Monday Morning is a happy, un-cranky baby…

But that’s another story.

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