One of my favorite things about summer is the smell of ripe peaches. And the way it still lingers in my hands two hours after.



I left my homeland six years ago. Well, six and a half years ago. Back then my baby cousin was 9 years old. 9, internet, she was nine.

I just saw picture of her now, all grown up, a teenage girl. So pretty and… so fifteen. So very fifteen years old. My heart skipped a beat.

How the fuck am I supposed to feel about this? I’m happy, of course, that she is now fifteen, thriving and just overall amazing. But this makes me feel old. And nostalgic. I haven’t been home for six and a half years, and her memory of me is probably that I’m her older cousin who was always teaching her the latest slang and oh, yes, the cousin with the glasses.

That was it, probably. Because her family and mine lived quite far from each other and therefore didn’t see each other often enough. We didn’t make too many memories together.

I’m sad. I miss home. I missed so much of the lives of my family. My baby cousins growing up, becoming teenagers, my aunt and uncle getting older. They were still in college when I was a kid and they spoiled me rotten. Now I saw their photos, older. They look older. My uncle has gained weight, lost quite a bit of hair. He looks older. Sorry, I’m being so repetitive. I can’t help it. He was a badass when he was a college kid.

When my mother and sister come here next year for vacation, I will demand that they bring with them a stack of the latest photos of family and relatives. And I will show Baby Bubbles all of them. The family he’s never gotten to meet yet.

Hmph. I guess we’ll call today Nostalgic Friday.

When I’m : 1) bored 2) have nothing better to do 3)stressed and/or depressed, 4) bursting with ideas, one thing always calms me down :


I’ve always loved playing dress up. I’ve always loved fashion. I don’t always have the budget for it, but thanks to Polyvore, now I can just login to it and pretend like I have all the dollahs in the world to dress myself. Plus it really relaxes me when I’m upset, usually after a fight with B. I retreated to my little corner in our home office (he occupies most of it), think of a look I want to create and without realizing it, hours have passed by.

And my favorite fashion blogs tend to host giveaways which require the contestants to create a Polyvore set with specific themes. Those kinds are the most fun because I have a purpose and some sort of guidelines to create my set.

But anyway, today I had a stinging headache when Baby Bubbles napped (thankfully) and I felt like my head was about to explode. So what did I do? You guess it. Got on polyvore and created this set.

Jeggings are said to be a must have for the fall. Well, its promise of denim-look with the comfort of sweat pants does sound rather appealing to me. So I picked a jegging and matched it with three different slouchy striped top. Stripes are all over the place this summer! I personally haven’t gotten anything particular with Breton stripes. The other day I saw one adorable slouchy top with Breton stripes but I wasn’t crazy about the price. I figured if I wait for a while the price would go down. And I’m not in any rush anyway, haha. (Not being a slave to trend is a fantastic way to save money and to be artistic and creative in working with available material.)

I am really loving the oxford shoes. Been seeing it quite often now, seems like it’s gained quite some popularity. I procured my oxford heels a few years back but unfortunately they don’t get to see the light of day often, seeing as they aren’t the most comfie shoes to walk on. It’s been a year now that I’ve started buying shoes based on their comfort level. Yes I was one of those slaves to trend, buying things based on their cuteness level and not minding the facts that they’ll give me blisters and I can’t walk in them for more than five minutes at a time.

Sorry for the ramblemumble. But anyway, the oxford gives a bit of androgyny touch to any outfit. It really fits my style, as I tend to avoid being too overly feminine or frilly with my outfits. I like androgynous style, but it isn’t the best style for my body figure. So I try to incorporate that by adding a little touch like these fab oxford flats (how adorable is that red one? Comfie and cute), or the other two oxford heels. Still comfie because the heels aren’t that high and are chunkier.

And the fedora! Oh god, I LOVE those. B has a few of them (he is a giant fan of 1930s fashion) but too bad they don’t fit me too well. The fedora, I think, gives both androgynous tone and effortlessness to the outfit. Effortless look tends to be my goal when I’m dressing myself.

Crossbody bags are back again, and well, they never went out of style for me! Hahaha. Wish I live closer to home, that way I can snatch a few of my Mumma’s collection (she’s quite the bag-crazed lady). Again, I love them because of their sort of boyish look, a bit tomboy, a bit fun, a bit wild and free-spirited you know?

And of course, I rely on a stack of fun bangles for accessory! I don’t have to worry about putting other embellishments on my body. Well except maybe my wedding ring! Hahaha.

One essential element in the making of Bubbles’ Perfect Monday Morning : a hearty breakfast.

Some mornings call for a simple bowl of cereal. But more often than not, I find myself craving for a plate of hearty breakfast. This morning was no exception. Omelette, pork patty with melted cheese (yes, I do realize its unhealthiness. But in my defense, breakfast is the one meal of the day in which you are allowed to be a glutton. Amirite?), and my most favorite pickled food ever, kimchi. And of course, my morning cup of vanilla chai.

So great my love for kimchi, oh dear Internet, that I find only few things immiscible with its flavor of garlicky deliciousness; and those few things are typically sweet-flavored food. (I can’t understand the allure of kimchi topped with vanilla ice-cream). Other than that, bring it on. Kimchi toast with melted mozzarella? TDF. Curry with kimchi? Yes, please. Toasted ravioli with kimchi filling? OMG. Pizza with kimchi? Crazy good. Oyakodon or gyudon with kimchi? Hmmmm. Takoyaki with kimchi filling? I can eat dozens of those in one sitting.

Other essential element in the making of my Perfect Monday Morning is a happy, un-cranky baby…

But that’s another story.