Gimme some of this for my birthday, please? SOMEBODY PLEASE?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt became hot topic in teh Internet (and popcult), from what I understand, because of 500 Days of Summer and now, Inception.

But my days of being his (creepy) fan had started since Brick. Well, OK. Since 10 Things I Hate About You. Back then I was still a teen. He wasn’t as big as Heath Ledger (like, he didn’t get teh ladiez screaming and squirming as much as Heath did). I kept him dearly in my heart. Then I, being a teenager, forgot about him for awhile until I watched Brick last year (please feel free to blasphemize me for not finding out about it sooner).

After that it was full blown obsession AGAIN. Only this time I’m not a mere fifteen years old anymore, I’m twenty fucking six. And married. hahaha.

B and I both adore Brick like crazy. And I don’t know why but his character in Brick really reminds me of B in his youth (not that we knew each other back then, but I’ve seen pics, videos and stories of course). Down to the way he dresses. Like if someday we both become famous for something good (yea HAHAHAHA) and some big fucking Hollywood studio wants to make a movie about us, I’d want JGL to play my husband. HAHAHAHAHA. Hey it’s my birthday!! I’m allowed to daydream as much as I fucking want, alright.

His biggest sex appeal to me isn’t his physique. Though let’s be honest, those eyes.. THOSE EYES. And his smile. I can’t even. No, not all that. Not his nerd-chic style either (though I find it really, really charming). It’s the fact that he’s smart. Nothing’s sexier than a smart man. A smart, uber hot, Jewish man? Now we’re REALLY talking. 😀

If you notice his filmography, almost all of his films are good quality. Praise worthy, critically acclaimed films. JGL has been in the biz for so many years now but you don’t hear him as often as you do male actors of his generation. Say ,Heath Ledger.  I am guessing it’s because he’s really selective in choosing his project/work. Most of his films are indie. And last year after watching Brick, I instantly went to his IMDB page, procured his films through one way or another (Netflix,Blockbuster and some other shady means – hey the indie ones are REALLY hard to come by), and then proceeded to watch most of them. Except 3rd Rock from The Sun, haven’t had that chance yet because I’m still knee deep in Deadwood now.

He’s versatile. Like Gene Hackman. He can do a depressed Iraq vet with PTSD, he can do a softie lovestruck greeting-card writer, he can do an angry, rebellious teen, he can do a teen male prostitute, he can do a villain, and he can do them WELL.

I’m glad he decides to do a big studio movie (and an awesome one too – Inception, I mean).

I’ve got some film reviews coming and I will write about his films before anything. Trust. Ok wait maybe Rome will go first. Not that anyone’s reading this little corner of the internet, but it’s good to exercise my writing skill again. I feel good when I write. And especially when I write about JGL. Haha.

/end creepy fan mode

(photo via Fusedfilm)

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