Best Birthday Present Ever (NOT).

For my birthday, I got the loveliest present I could ever ask for… NOT.

For the past two days I’ve been having a debilitating back pain (despite my dramatizing tendency, this time I mean debilitating FO’ REAL.) So much so that whenever I laughed, I can feel the pain dancing in my back. It has spread to my neck as well. B insisted that it’s just my lack of stretching and yoga (been hit by some serious lazies bug). Last night he helped me apply Beng*y to my back and helped me stretch.

My father in law insisted that I go see a chiropractor. I think I might do just that. Carrying Baby Bubbles probably has something to do with it, too. Though I haven’t been carrying him a lot ever since he started walking on his own.

Other than that, we’re having BBQ for dinner. B is a wonderful cook at the grill, so we’re having some beef kabobs with onion and paprika and mushrooms and of course his awesome creamy mashed potatoes.(yes I’m definitely the meat and potatoes kind of gal. Living in the midwest suits me well.)

A girlfriend of mine suggested that we visit a winery for a girls’ day out to celebrate my b’day (this gal knows my wine-crazed soul well, bless her heart). I just have to find the perfect time. I still feel strange to leave the house without Baby Bubbles (although gods know on the average day of daylong temper tantrums I wish for nothing else but some peace and quiet without him). But I miss him quickly, it always seems. Every time I left the house for a few hours, either for a girls day out or my personal time or even a date with B, I would end up missing him after two hours. Shit, I sometimes miss him when he takes long naps. hahaha.

The little stinker sure does know a way to my heart. The speedway too, at that. hahaha.

In other news,  B’s best friend N is coming to stay with us temporarily in a few weeks. He is from the East Coast and decided to move out of state here to the Land of Nowhere because of the more affordable living cost. (His recent breakup with his mega batshit ex-girlfriend also a deciding factor). They’ve been BFFs since their heydays back in the military. He’s a cool dude, and already stated that he wouldn’t mind baby sitting for us (dude knows how to win my friendship and approval rather easily, it seems.) B and I have it in mind that N will get along so well with my galpal L (said gal who suggested the winery trip). Hahaha. I don’t know why I always get such a kick out of playing matchmaker.

Also, B just got himself a beer-brewing kit. That’s right, he will start brewing his own beer (and start a brotherhood of beer brewers, it seems). The idea came about because we’ve been spending a considerably large sum of moolah every week for beer. No, B is not an alcoholic, he is a beer connoisseur. (In the sense that he loves trying different beers and actually learn about the flavor, the history the A to Z of beer and brewery). Before my FIL came to live with us, a six-pack would last him a week, sometimes two. My father in law, however, is a hardcore beer lover who can down few bottles a day if we can afford it. (I refuse to call my own FIL an alcoholic. Besides, if he IS one, he is a functioning alcoholic, lol). We’ve been spending about 15 bucks a week for beer. That’s 60 bucks a month. That’s 720 bucks a year.

I’m sort of excited about this new endeavor. I know I will have little to do with it, but it’s still exciting. In our town we have a yearly microbrewery festival and who knows, maybe in a few years when our homebrewed beer tastes good enough to join the league of the big dogs of homebrewing, we can join the fest!

B already said he will teach Baby Bubbles all about beer and beer brewing soon as he’s old enough to understand. ahahaha. I will never tell my Mother this, of course.

Alright. Time for a little nap. My back is nagging me so. Enjoy your Thursday, Internet!

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