Baby Bubbles’ first birthday party went without a glitch. Well, except for the fact that we decided to move the location from a reserved picnic ground in nearby local park to our house the day before. The weatherman told us it was gonna hit 100 with heat index of 110% and so yeah… NO. (though in the end it didn’t end up that high. Still scorching hot, just not 100 degrees hot.).

Baby Bubbles acquired a lot of lovely presents from family and friends. Lots of plastic, no less, but oh well. As he gets older we’ll try to reduce the amount of his plastic toys. My favorite present has got to be this A to Z Dinosaurs thick-paged book that our lovely friends gifted. I mean, even I’m fascinated by that.

He stayed in a great mood, walking around like nothing else matters. I had been worried that he’d be crabby because he didn’t take a good nap beforehand, but I was proven paranoid once again. 🙂

Mostly I’m just fucking relieved and glad it’s over. Now I can play with him all day again and no more big functions like this until.. well, I dunno. Maybe until he turns 5, or maybe until he turns 18. Haha. We’d rather travel and improve our house instead of throwing a bash.

Have a cool Sunday, Internet. Read a good Sartre book and drink some margarita. Cheers.

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