somebody told me a year ago, “welcome to motherhood, kiddo.”

Why didn’t anybody tell me that planning your child’s first birthday party is so damn time consuming?

I have to find an affordable bulk of lego minifigures (have been scouring ebay for a while to no avail) for our thank you gifts (pseudo-goodie bag, as I call it, because it’s too simple to be called goodie bags – ARGH MOMMY TALK. What have I become?)

We were a bit hesitant to throw a bash for Baby Bubbles’ first birthday as we’re the non-sentimental, practical kinds (yes, we’re the prefer-gift-card-or-check-for-presents kinds). But he only turns one once, and, as B said, “we deserve a celebration for lasting this parenthood thing this long; without trying to kill each other or jumping off a cliff”.

Yes, our sense of humor is rather juvenile. Or grim. You decide.

And more so than anything, we tend to find just about any reason to get together with family and friends for some good food,good company, and boozy cocktails.

Baby Bubbles will be getting a boatload of presents from us. We went on a spree over the weekend for his birthday presents. We were just gonna give him one present, but over Christmas we didn’t give him any concrete present complete with the colorfully wrapped giftbox, so we’re making up for it, of some sort. His first Christmas last year we set up a fund for him and we’ll add the amount to it every Christmas and birthday. But he doesn’t understand that, he’s only a tot. A tot wants colorful wraps to tear apart and brightly colored plastic things to throw around and pick up again.

So that’s why.

And he will only be a child for so long. And we will not have anymore children (by choice). So it’s ok. I know those silly colorful wraps and plastic toys will make him smile.

And I love looking at the smiles of Baby Bubbles. They make (almost) every bad day salvageable.

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