Skins rocks my world. Hands down, the BEST teen drama on television I’ve seen my entire life. Unlike its american counterparts, this one actually has substance and depth to it. It’s also really dark, much to my surprise (and delight, of course). You wouldn’t be able to tell from its trailer (which, to me, seems like a mixture between Cruel Intentions and American Pie.) It’s quite realistic (except for the overly excessive amount of shagging, lol). Their characters are so, so, easy to relate to (especially if you grew up as a teenage rebel, hahaha). The wardrobe is ahhhhmayyyzinggggg like whoa. The acting is decent, which is to say, don’t expect anything in the league of Academy Awards (who would anyway, it’s a teen tv show, lol), but it’s so much better than other similar series you’ve seen before. Also, this show has won BAFTA awards (the British equivalent of Emmy). Plus, look at this gorgeous bunch.

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