Let’s go to sleep in Paris…..

and wake up in tokyo? 🙂 (i love lupe fiasco, ok?)

today b and i talked about the possibility of a new job for him. one which will be a big career move, big change. a little scary.

but one which will also finally open up the chance for us to live in paris,

or tokyo.

and for that we’ll take the chance.

after a few attempts resulting in epic failures, i finally managed to successfully cook up some good pad thai yesterday. tried Alton Brown’s recipe before, but that one didn’t do it for me. which was a shame, because his recipes never fail me. (his pancakes recipe? TDF.) what i did was combining two different recipes and voila, a little mix and match did the job fantabulously. (yes, i just said fantabulously).

for the sauce, i used chez pim’s recipe. tamarind juice, fish sauce, and some palm sugar. a few sprinkles of ground red pepper for that little kick. i added the dried shrimp suggested in Alton’s recipe. i think it improves the wholesomeness of the dish. sorry if that sounds too pretentious or too gourmet-wannabe. hahaha. you get what i mean.

the pad thai was responded to with much glee, and well, after spending three hours in the kitchen accompanied by a screaming infant as background music, i can’t be happier with the result. (in case you didn’t notice, i’m all about simple cooking.)

was gonna run to the store and get some baking ingredients to make some kick ass vanilla-butterscotch cake, but the weather has something else in mind, so the cake will have to wait for a little while.