I found “Life begins at 30” around a year ago, when I was randomly bloghopping. The author of the blog, Arman, writes with such flow and joviality and that makes virtually every post he writes inviting to read. He writes mostly about simple daily stuff, perhaps some people would even think of the topics as being mundane, but with the way he writes, even a mundane topic can be exciting, at times inspiring, almost always insightful, and ultimately, meaningful. 

Arman writes about how to impress your wife by proving to her your can’t-cook-to-save-yourself ass can get in the kitchen, throw in some chicken breast, marinade it with wine and spices, pop them in the oven, and make her the happiest girl. Arman writes about the days he brought his adorable little boy to his office, proudly showing this man-in-the-making what Daddy does at work. Arman gives tips on how to ace your job interview in such a hillarious way I remember laughing off my seat reading it. Arman’s review on the movie Kick-Ass encourages me to say yes when my  husband (who’s always crazy about anything superhero or anything Marvel, really) asked me if I want to go to the movie theater and see it with him. (And FYI, we NEVER go to movie theater. We love our Netflix subscription and our couch better than the movie theater) And when I saw Starbucks ice cream on Walmart’s frozen section, I remembered that on one of his posts he said it was good and next thing I know, there the ice cream went, right into my shopping cart. Arman writes about his family vacation, and those are so sweet it makes me long for my own family vacation and it reminded me of the great time I had at past family vacations.

What Arman writes is what we all experience in our day to day life. Does he write about anything far-fetched or over the top? No. What makes “Life Begins At 30” so enticing to me is the fact that I can read it, smile at it and even say “hey, I know how that feels!” At other times it makes me go, “Wish I could do that too!” or “Wish I could have that soon” and that inspires me to work harder or to be more patient, whichever is relevant to the situation.

To me, “Life Begins At 30” is even easier to relate to because Arman chronicles about his life in a foreign land, starting over in a clean slate, building a new family and life, setting goal for what the world dearly knows as “The American Dream.” I myself live in the same foreign land, building my new family and life, dreaming the same American dream. Although admittedly, I can’t write about my life as eloquent and exciting as Arman can.

I know why his blog is enjoyed by so many people the same way I know why I enjoy his blog. His writings are honest and blunt, unpretentious and not snobby, funny and insightful. Too many blogs try too hard to be “cool”, try too hard to be too political, try too hard to be loved by the crowd. They end up seeming dishonest and sometimes just plain tacky and wrong. But Arman’s writings seem effortless, and to love this blog is just so effortless you can’t help it.

(Hope this wins me the Power of Madonna Glee CD! I’d love for my Mom to have it.)

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