on the list of things to be grateful about.

i am grateful that i have a kind father in law to live with. he’s been fixing a lot of things around the house (we bought a fixer-upper) and just now, when my son was fussing himself, he rested him back to sleep. he’s so quiet and generally pleasant to be around. he never complains about any food i make, no matter how weird (except when it’s spicy because poor man couldn’t handle my take of spicy) and is himself a good cook.

i was really nervous when he first moved in with us. i just had a bad experience right before him moving in with a serious case of That Roommate Who Always Brings His Inconsiderate Bitchy Girlfriend To Stay Over For A Month At A Time. in this case, unfortunately said roommate is my brother in law.

but my FIL proves to be a pleasant company, and is really great with his grandson. here’s hoping this wonderfulness will stay for as long as we live together. because if truth be told, i wouldn’t mind so much him staying with us forever. because i can’t do so with my mom, and god knows how i would appreciate it a great deal if my sister’s future husband is willing to take care of her forever. she deserves it. my FIL deserves it.

love our parents!

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