i’m getting rid of some items in my wardrobe. too long unworn, mostly. i’m going to revamp my entire wardrobe soon enough. this time i’m gonna be smart and lay out my keeper items and try to mix and match to create complete outfits out of them. (yes, stupid me never did that before. i had always been an impulsive shopper. although i’d like to think i’m recovered now, at least for the past two years or so.)

i am also in serious need of pairs and pairs of new shoes. cute summer sandals, sexy gladiator heels (i might have to settle with wedges – comfort will always be my number one deciding factor), classic louboutin-style pumps, knee length boots, ankle booties, and the ever-versatile and functional ballet flats. all my shoes are crap. just crap. i’m dead serious.

well as it just so happens, only magnolia tree grows in my backyard. money doesn’t. gonna have to do what i do worst – prioritize.

and i’ll have to check out stieg larsson’s trilogy soon. also for some obscure reason i’m jonesin’ for some elizabeth wurtzel. haven’t read her in what seems like forever.

that, and all you can eat sushi will make my weekend perfect.

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